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Tomb #5 at Boston's Copp's Hill Burying Ground was constructed in 1717 by Captain Benjamin Edwards (1685-1751). Each April, on Patriots Day Weekend, the site is decorated with flags and flowers as a tribute to the sea captain and his many relations. Members of the Edwards, Revere and Lincoln families rest here. Some of their names are noted below.

Alexander Edwards (1733-1798), patriot, cabinetmaker and member of the Sons of Liberty.

Sally Edwards Revere (1761-1808), wife of Paul Revere Jr. and mother of their 12 children. Those children include Alexander Edwards Revere (1784-1800).

Paul Revere Jr. (1760-1813), silversmith, bell founder and first born son of patriot Paul Revere.

Jedediah Lincoln (1760-1820), Revolutionary War soldier and ancestor of Abraham Lincoln; his wife, Elizabeth (Betsey) Edwards Lincoln (1765-1796), and their son Alexander Edwards Lincoln.

Robert Edwards (1732-1770), tailor, and his wife Mary (White) Clark Edwards (?-1774).

Dolling Edwards (1737-1773), mastmaker, and his wife Rebecca Christie Edwards (1739-1771).

Benjamin Edwards (1765-1808), cooper, and his wife Polly Bangs Edwards (Elliot).

The Edwards marker was reconstructed in 1998 by Nicholas Benson of the John Stevens Shop of Newport, RI, founded in 1705.


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