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The Colonial Edwards Family

Characters in One April in Boston are highlighted in bold.

Captain Benjamin Edwards (1685-1751) was a sea captain and merchant. He married Hannah Harrod (1687-1728) in Boston in 1706. Benjamin and Hannah had three children (Sarah, Hannah and Benjamin) who all died in their infancy.

Captain Benjamin Edwards married Bathsheba Evans (1701-1738) in 1730. Benjamin and Bathsheba had seven children:

  1. Benjamin Edwards (1731-1803) was a silversmith and shopkeeper. He married Mary Bent (1743-1824) in Framingham, MA in 1777. (Mary's father Thomas Bent of Sudbury, MA was one of the minutemen wounded during the fighting on battle road, April 19, 1775.) Benjamin and Mary had five children; Mary, Benjamin, Bathsheba, Alexander and Jonathan.

  2. Robert Edwards (1732-1770) was a tailor. He married first Susanna Downes in 1755 and second Mary (White) Clark (?-1774) in 1756. Robert and Mary had five daughters; Mary, Bathsheba, Rebecca, Elizabeth (Betsey) and Sally. Betsey Edwards married Jedediah Lincoln, ancestor of Abraham Lincoln, in 1785. The couple had six children. When Betsey died in 1796, Jedediah married second to Mary Revere.

  3. Alexander Edwards (1733-1798) was a cabinetmaker and member of the Sons of Liberty. He married Sarah Greenough (1735-?). The exact date of this marriage is not known. Alexander and Sarah had a son Alexander in 1758 (he died young) and a daughter Sarah who died in infancy in 1761.

  4. John Edwards (1734/35-1758) was a cooper and also a mariner. He drown in the river at Philadelphia while on a voyage to Jamaica with Captain Wright.

  5. Bathsheba Edwards (1736-1785) first married a man named Carter. They had two children. She married second to Nicholas Gray. Bathsheba and Nicholas had six children; Hannah, Sarah, Benjamin, Bathsheba, Betsey and Polly.

  6. Dolling Edwards (1737-1773) was a mastmaker. He married Rebecca Christie (1739-1771) in 1758.

    Dolling and Rebecca had six children:

    - John Edwards (born in 1759, died young.)

    - Sally Edwards (baptized Sarah) (1761-1808) married Paul Revere Jr. (1760-1813) son of Boston silversmith Paul Revere.

    - Rebecca Edwards (1763-?) died young.

    - Benjamin Edwards (1765-1808) was baptized April 14, 1765. He was a cooper in Boston and direct ancestor of the author. Ben married Mary (Polly) Bangs in 1791. Ben and Polly had five children; Benjamin, Bathsheba, Alexander, Joseph Bragdon and Maryan. Joseph B. Edwards (1799-1852) the son of Benjamin the cooper and direct ancestor of the author, was employed as a paver in Boston.

    - Rebecca Edwards (1768-?) married Josiah Carter, blacksmith.

    - Alexander Edwards (1770-1823) a cabinetmaker.

  7. Hannah Edwards (1738-1739) died at the age of 16 months.


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